Silk Bed linen

Nick Littlehales, former president of The Sleep Council in the UK, said: A sleep revolution is on the rise.

Sleep occupies one-third of each person's life and nourishes two-thirds of life. In order to bring every user an extremely healthy, breathable and comfortable sleep and life. Comhaus's sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases are made of 100% natural Mulberry silk, allowing your skin against incredibly soft silk and free to breathe.

Mulberry silk is one of the world's most recognized pure natural protein fibers containing 18 kinds of amino acids. These amino acids emit fine molecules called sleep factors. These "sleep factors" can make people's nerves in a relatively stable state. The fiber queen, the animal protein fiber mainly contained in the silk has 87% similarity with the human skin structure, so it has the reputation of “the second skin of the human body”, which can effectively protect the skin of women and babies, and has hypoallergenic fabrics. It can breathe and prevent skin allergies.

Whether you have ever felt the silk's extremely soft, we believe that once you cover it, you will always fall in love.

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