Silk Bedding

Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once proposed the concept of “less is more” and influenced the long-term.

Comhaus adheres to the concept of less is more, hand-stitching each delicate natural long-strand silk  into a luxurious bedding, bringing a simple and comfortable life every minute for everyone. We cooperated with Suzhou University in China to combine the modern technology and traditional crafts to achieve the multi-layer mesh technology, which overcomes the weakness of silk knot, displacement and contraction.


Comhaus's silk quilts and silk pillows are made of 100% 6A long-strand mulberry silk combined with 60 woven high-quality long-staple cotton, which gives you extreme comfort while moisturizing every inch of your skin and hair.

Let silk embrace you from now on and let you embrace a healthier life.

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