Silk Mattress Topper

  • 1. Polyester mattress pad,easy to sweat, sleepless.

    Polyester mattress pad, rubbing static electricity, itchy skin.

    Is there a natural mattress pad?

    Comhaus silk mattress pad, Let you sleep well and sleep healthier.

    2. Characteristics

    Fabric material: Long-staple combed cotton 60S, breathable and smooth

    Fabric density: 300TC, silky and strong wear resistance

    Filling: 100% silk, moisture absorbing, breathable, anti-aphid

    3. Advantages

    Selected long-staple cotton 1 from 100; multi-layers natural silk nets to make the pad  

    National silk gift maker for British Queen Victoria's birthday 

    4. Comhaus, only natural mulberry silk.

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