Silk Benefits

  1. Warmth in winter: The thermal conductivity of silk is extremely small, and the heat insulation is very good. Therefore, the silk has excellent warmth and does not make people feel stuffy, which greatly reduces the chance of being kicked at night.

  2. Breath-ability: 38% of the structure of the silk is hollow, and the gap between the silks increase the air permeability. So our body can breathe freely.

  3. Comfort: The sericin component of silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids. The fine molecules emitted by these amino acids are also called “sleep factor”, making people feel comfortable and natural, and improve sleep quality.

  4. Body-hugging: Silk floss looks like a thousand-layer silk net. In the net, the long stand mulberry silk fiber can as long as more than 1,000 meters . it moves 360 degree follow your skin. It is like a 380 degree love wraps around your body.

  5. Durability: Comhaus silk duvet is made by the “thousand-layer silk netting”technique. The durability can last as 10-15 yeas when maintain properly.

  6. Health care: Natural mulberry silk contains a substance called “hydrophilic side amino acid”, which can absorb the moisture in the air and remove it to maintain the dryness inside. It is especially beneficial for rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases.

  7. Applicability and cool in summer: Silk has the characteristics of “warm winter and cool summer. According to the net weight of silk, silk is available for all seasons, and it can be used in different climates. It has strong applicability. .

  8. Anti-mildew, anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic: It has excellent antibacterial properties due to silk fiber outer layer is sericin.It is a colloidal protein that protects silk fibroin from microbial attack.So the silk has the ability to prevent the growth of mites and molds, and is extremely beneficial to allergies. It is especially suitable for sensitive skin people such as infants ,eczema sufferer

  9. Beauty & Skin Care: Silk belongs to protein fiber and is called human second skin. Containing 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to the human body,it nourish the skin, prevent the skin from aging. We can use silk cocoon to clean the skin and increase the vitality of the skin cells.

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