Silk Identification

Nowadays, more and more fake silk products which looks like real one that flow to the market, so that confuse untrained consumers by shopping the Genuine silk .

Comhaus is committed to selling and promoting Genuine silk products, and hopes that everyone can appreciate the charm of silk.


Due to the large consumption of silkworm cocoons and the high cost hand-made, the price of Genuine silk is much higher than that of Synthetic fibres fiber.
50Kg of silkworm cocoons were harvested on 0.16 acres. 50kg of sputum pulled out 5Kg of silk.
1kg of silk-filled silk is hand-picked and needs more than 1,000 times.
Synthetic fibres like polyester can be made to look like real silk to the untrained eye. 

Burn Test

Pull out a silk and ignite it with a lighter. Features: Slow burning time, burnt hair, wool and other scorching smell, later black globules, white smoke, crushed into powder by hand.

Synthetic fiber burning forms a black residue ball (not ash) and produces black smoke. Even if the flame is removed, it will continue to burn.

Chemical Test

Immerse the real silk in a cup filled with disinfectant and dissolve it instantly after 5 seconds.

Synthetic fibers will not be dissolved by the disinfectant.

Hand Stretch

The Genuine silk has an S-shaped wavy structure, and the elastic toughness is very good. When it is stretched into a straight line, it can be restored into an S waveform. Other silks are linear and stretchable.


Odor method

The silk is a light protein aroma. No acid or alkaline chemical odor.

Comhaus, only natural mulberry silk!

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