About US

Comhaus in Ancient Times


Year 1573, 446 years ago, China  JiLi (QiLi)  Village improved the silkworm species "Lianxin Seed" to make filaments, which were white, pure, soft and firm. JiLi silk stood out in Chinese silk and became the best for making royal court robes . Our ancestors lived in this village, inherited and developed forward the silk industry and silk culture .


Year 1685, When come to Qing Dynasty, the JiLi silk had become the designated materials for the royal family.


Year  1840, the JiLI silk of our ancestors was selected as the national gift to the Queen Victoria of England for celebrating her birthday.


Comhaus in 20th and 21st century


Year 1911, In China Silk Center, Zhenze Town, Suzhou city,Comhaus’ earliest workshop was formed.


Year 2002~2018, Comhaus’ factory “JiLi Silk” was built. JiLi Silk Brand became China Time-honored Well-known Brand,due to we inherit ECOLOGY,NATURE, QUALITY,INNOVATION as our corporation culture theme and cooperate with the Institute of Sericulture of Suzhou University to develop the traditional silk duvet making technique “thousand-layer silk netting”. This technique overcomes the traditional weaknesses of silk quilt as compaction, displacement and contraction, which makes the advantages of silk quilt, such as warm, air-permeability, soft, smooth and ecology, more prominent.


Year 2019 ,Comhaus brand was officially incubated from JiLi silk as its international brand to serve overseas market better.

Comhaus Future


With the mission to make human being’s life more comfortable and more exquisite,

Comhaus combines the Western Wisdom  "Less is More" and the  Eastern Philosophical Concept of Taoism “Design with Nature” to design and make the home living products.


Starting from silk bedding, let silk bedding to take care one-third of your life while sleeping , and nourish two-thirds of your life while awaking.


Our life is full of all kinds of commodities. The more we choose, the more things we pursue, and the greater our pressure. It is time to back to nature, embrace nature, and reduce our life pressure.  The less in physical , The more in spiritual.